Volume 50, Number 3

Fall 2017

50th ANNIVERSARY ISSUE: Thinking Through Novels

AMANDA ANDERSON | Therapeutic Criticism

JONATHAN ARAC | Getting to World Literature


TIMOTHY BEWES | Recent Experiments in American Fiction 

NICHOLAS DALY | Cultural Studies and the Novel

MADHU DUBEY | Racecraft in American Fiction

ANN DUCILLE | Of Race, Gender, and the Novel; Or Where in the World Is Toni Morrison?

IAN DUNCAN | History and the Novel after Lukács

ANNA KORNBLUH | We Have Never Been Critical: Toward the-Novel-as-Critique

JOHN MARX | What Happened to the Post-colonial Novel: The Urban Longing for Form 

JOHN PLOTZ | Is Realism Failing? The Rise of Secondary Worlds 

LLOYD PRATT | Losing My Religion

ELLEN ROONEY | Feminists Reading Novels Now, Again, and Again

JOHN CARLOS ROWE | The Reader Writes back: Social Media and the Novel