Volume 51, Number 3

Fall 2018

KALYAN NADIMINTI  | The Global Program Era: Contemporary International Fiction in the Postwar Creative Economy

PHILIP TSANG  Allegory of the Global Anglophone: Interconnectedness and Sublimity in Cloud Atlas

TIMOTHY WRIGHT  | Mutant City: On Partial Transformations in Three Johannesburg Narratives                                        

JOHN BOLIN| ​​​​​​​Thresholds of the Novel: Realism, the Inhuman, the Ethicalin – J.M. Coetzee’s Foe

HAMISH DALLEY  | The Meaning of Settler Realism: (De)Mystifying Frontiers in the Postcolonial Historical Novel

HANNAH WALSER |  Proust’s Genies: In Search of Lost Time and Population Biology

FABIO L. VERICAT |  "No Such Thing as a Voice Pure and Simple": Henry James’s Elocutionary Insecurities and The American