Novel Terms Symposium Videos

On April 20, NOVEL: A Forum on Fiction hosted its 2018 spring symposium, Novel Terms, at Duke University. Featuring three speakers — Leigh Claire La Berge (BMCC CUNY), Josh Gang (UC Berkley), and Kenneth Warren (University of Chicago) — and a roundtable featuring Rita Monticelli, University of Bologna; John Marx, UC Davis; Lloyd Pratt, Oxford University; and Rey Chow, Duke — the symposium explored the terminology we use in literary criticism. In asking what type of work we accomplish with a particular type of literary vocabulary, this symposium, which has been recapped, produced a lively discussion. We are now able to provide video taken from the day of the symposium. Below, you can watch the three talks of the day, as well as the closing roundtable. 

Leigh Claire La Berge: "Decommodified Labor”

Josh Gang: "Literary Minds—or, 'all novels annoy me as I annoy all novels'"

Kenneth Warren: "Revisiting Representation (again): The Novel and Identity"

Novel Terms Roundtable