Volume 54, Number 1

Spring 2021

STEVE NATHANIEL | Virginia Woolf, Anechoic Architecture, and the Acoustic Hermeneutic

VICTORIA SARAMAGO | The Rights of Nature, The Rights of Fiction: Mario Vargas Llosa and the Amazon

EMILY LASKIN | Geography, Genre, and Narrative in Kipling’s Kim

ALLISON CARDON | Pamela’s Complaint: Injury, Rights, and the Politics of Story

PETER LEMAN | The Politics of Living Death in Nuruddin Farah’s Sweet and Sour Milk

JACK DUDLEY | Beckett, Atwood, and Post-Apocalyptic Tragicomedy

Virtual Archives

JOHN MARX | Introducing “Virtual Archives”

JONATHAN ARAC & HOLLY YANACEK | Keywords, Structures of Feeling, and the Novel